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2014 New trees – nectarine and Olive

11 Mar


New one gallon trees, just repotted. My peach trees have blossomed and are in the middle of fruiti right now and this guy seems to be just coming out of dormancy so I will get a fre more fruit later in the season. Plus, nectarines vs peaches? No fuzz!

And here’s the little one gallon olive tree….



Banana plant vs vanilla.

2 Oct

I bought these at the same time! Look who’s winning!
Incase you can’t see it. The vanilla is the tiny vine in front of the banana 🙂

I am hoping for bananas in its life time 🙂 I read somewhere that bananas start flowering at 44 leaves. I have about 10. I don’t know how 30+ more leaves are gonna work with the tree in the current location. :/?




Fuzzy peaches!

13 Mar

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Tropic Beauty Peach SLIDESHOW. First blossoms

8 Jan

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I took loads of photos since I haven’t documented these much after eating the lovely peaches it provided last season.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of how big my tree is. There are way more lateral branches and I manages to prune some of the skinnier branches and tried to make the tree more symmetrical. I am not sure exactly how to prune – I just removed some branches and shaped my tree the best way i could to make it look more balanced.

There are MANY flower buds on the branches this season and last season most of the buds turned into cute little fruit which I had to thin to about one peach each 4 inches or so. I will do the same this year too.

Thanks for looking! hope you enjoy these photos!


All Peaches gone! See you again next year!

19 May


I have finally picked all my fruits from my little Tropic Beauty Peach tree. These ones were almost as big as the ones you can buy in the store!
I think I like the flavour of the Tropic Prince Peach better. It had a melting texture with a tarter taste. The tropic beauty was yummy too but over ripe on one side of the fruit, and a little crunchy on the other.

You can see a little cracking on the fruit as when I picked it, the end was so soft my finger squashed it a bit but I was surprised to find the stem end still a bit hard.

Tropic Beauty is definitely semi- cling stone. Now I know what that means. 🙂
Before any of my fruit were ripe, I half expected there to be a giant stone in the middle of them and very little fruit – glad to say I am pleasantly surprised there was much more than a couple of bites to each peach. This is one of my most satisfying gardening moments – harvesting my own homegrown peaches within a year of owning these tiny trees.

I can’t wait til next year! Hopefully my trees will recover from the bacterial spot and produce even more fruit.