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More tasty homegrown edibles from earlier this month.

20 Jun







Been on vacation and picked some tasty veg and a few tasty bowls of fruit before and after. Fresh blueberries are the best! My peaches are all gone now. Sadly they dropped and rotted while I was away.

This was the only kohl rabi I managed to grow this year. I have to say, quite an unexciting vegetable – kind of taste like broccoli stem. But reminds me of my grandma when she would stir fry it with garlic. Yum! I ended up baking with the turnips, a couple of tiny homegrown artichokes, some onions, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. It was ok but should have stuck to grandmas cooking!



Nature gave me a very tasty giant strawberry but also took away my only Tango mandarin

28 Apr

Growing these in a long wooden box. Pleasantly surprised to find this giant hiding.



But unfortunately, the recent April showers must’ve knocked off my last Tango mandarin. These have been growing forever. I feel like it has taken at least six months to get the this size. Bummer I found him on the floor.
The other tiny mandarins also dropped off the tree recently.


Unruly Asparagus forest in a pot!

24 Apr

So it’s a sunny Sunday which typically means I go check on all my green babies to see what improvements I can make and what I can move around and repot etc

I noticed asparagus is getting kind of wild. The pot is outside my door and taking up half the walkway so I try to keep the ferns pushed back. The pot is only about 17 inched across and 14 inches deep. I finally measured it.





I tried using garden ties to neaten it all up but it really is uncontrollable as some are thicker and want to grow straight up and others want to flop over.
So I’m just going to let is be!

Check out these close ups of the new baby asparagus popping up. These are Mary Washington’s, I don’t remember seeing a purple tinge last year but some of them this year slightly purple.





There were six plants in there but one was laying dormant for too long while all the other crowns were doing so well. So I decided he was dead. I stuck my hand in the dirt to reach for him and just pulled the crown out. Instead of discarding it, I buried it in another giant plastic container where my blackberries are growing and it finally started growing again!



I’m not really sure if they will make good companion plants but I am very short of space so hope it works out. I bought the blackberry as a bareroot a few months ago from a local San Diego garden store and it seems to be doing well. This container is huge storage box from Target. I drilled holes underneath of course ­čÖé There is also 1 bareroot strawberry growing in there too. I bought two packets of bareroot strawberries from Home Depot – obviously I’m not very good with planting those as I only got one plant from 20 crowns!


Container tomatoes and Strawberries. Upside down and right way up!

6 Apr


First strawberry of the season starting to blush.

That funny looking bottle thing is a homemade upside down tomato planter. Trying it out as I always thought upside down planters are a bit of a gimmick and I didn’t understand the point, but also was annoyingly curious. So to satiate my curiosity, I am trying it out with a homemade bottle. Was difficult getting the poor little tomato plant into the hole and it was knocked around a bit but I am pleasantly surprised it started growing some true leaves. Cruel me decided to put the poor little thing in there just as a tiny seedling when it just had the two long starter leaves. I believe this is either a cherry variety (bought as a variety packet of tomato seeds from eBay) but it could also be a Tiny Tim tomato which would probably be more successful growing upside down I’d imagine as it would be lighter.

I found instructions on the trusty Internet to guide my DIY upside down planter. I hope it works out! I used a 1.5liter Smart water bottle…. It seemed to have more plastic in than other water bottles so I figured it will be stronger.

I can’t wait to see what happens!