Loads of homegrown tomatoes

all shapes and sizes! I cheated this year and bought a couple mixed toms six pack seedlings from Home Depot. Here they are all grown up!! Since I’m low carbing right now, I will have to limit myself and my lucky neighbours will win out!      

Homegrown olives! Now what? Curing in Brine

So here’s my little olive harvest from my $10 tree I bought earlier this year. I left them on the tree for a while until the recent storm knocked some little olives onto the ground. I had to do something about it before they went to waste so here’s what I got: It’s a small…

July update. Olives, goji berries and ugly fairy tale eggplant

My little goji berry twig from eBay had started flowering. Can’t wait for some little berries. It’s quite twiggy looking so I transferred it to a bigger hanging pot. Looks better already. Probably shouldn’t repot whilst it’s flowering but it looks kinda hardy. Let’s hope I’m right! Here’s my little olive tree. Lots of leaves….

May new plants. Figs and Goji berries

New from a seller in ebay…super cheap little plants. Mission fig Violet de bordeux fig And Goji Berries. The leaves actually fell off after I received the plant in the mail but look at these tiny little new leaves all along the branch! I think this guy will thrive here in San Diego

End of April 2014 update.

Surprisingly, my neglected garden isn’t as bountiful as it was when I tended to it more. Peaches are small, blueberries are fewer… Still, the few I get taste good. My pineapple guava is flowering once again, I think last year it didn’t do so much. And excitingly, my olive tree is flowering. The flowers are…

2014 Tango Mandarins. First real season

I might’ve had a couple of fruit before but this year has been my most successful. Haven’t done anything different but it just looks happier. I got at least half a dozen real mandarins. Pretty tasty!

2014 Feb update. (A bit late) peaches and Blueberries

Tropic Prince a couple of weeks ago. Tropic Beauty just blossoming. South moon blueberries flowering New pink lemonade blueberries. First season growing this. Quite excited to try the berries when they happen. Trusty Misty blueberries. Earliest to fruit. Actually, I think Misty never went 100% dormant. I got a couple of berries a week all…

Banana plant vs vanilla.

I bought these at the same time! Look who’s winning! Incase you can’t see it. The vanilla is the tiny vine in front of the banana 🙂 I am hoping for bananas in its life time 🙂 I read somewhere that bananas start flowering at 44 leaves. I have about 10. I don’t know how…

2013 New Loquat tree

The big one is about 4ft tall and I bought from a store. The little one was picked out from under a neighbours loquat tree. He’s only a foot tall and I randomly planted him with my last years aubergines for now.