Tasty pitaya! Ripe and so tasty

We decided to pick the pitaya dragon fruit even though it didn’t appear as bright pink as some of the pictures. I did ready it takes about 30 days from flower to ripe. So I think i ended up picking it at 45 days. The tentacles coming off the fruit started having slightly dry looking…

Small but colourful September harvest

The onions have been curing for a while, I just couldn’t decided what to do with them so finally putting them in the fridge. Besides onions, there are some cherry bell peppers from a plant that survived from last year, some jalape├▒o chili peppers, tomatoes, lemons and tiny eggplants I decided to harvest early.

First ever homegrown pink lemonade lemons!

Started my Autumn clean up today and checked up on my little lemons which seem to have been growing for a whole year. The peel felt soft, like old lemons so I decided it was time to harvest. Look at these cuties! My tree is still pretty small and unhealthy looking but at least I…

Flowering Pineapple Guava

Flower buds are swelling and you can see a bit of colour! So exciting! Photo from a April 30th Photo from May 3rd Photo from today, May 5th. Just updated!

Tropic Prince Peach blossoming – lots of pics

The bees love my little peach trees! There’s always one or two bees buzzing around every time I go out to check on my garden. The Tropic Beauty Peach flowered a few weeks before this Tropic Prince. This one is the tropic prince tree. Flowers on the Tropic Beauty are almost done and the leaves…