Small but colourful September harvest

The onions have been curing for a while, I just couldn’t decided what to do with them so finally putting them in the fridge. Besides onions, there are some cherry bell peppers from a plant that survived from last year, some jalapeño chili peppers, tomatoes, lemons and tiny eggplants I decided to harvest early.

Bolivian Rainbow peppers chili oil

These little firey peppers stayed on the the plant until they all turned red and started getting wrinkly before I realized I should do something with them. As i had a big handful of homegrown peppers and no immediate use for them, I decided to make chili oil as they were too spice to add…

Incredibly HOT rainbow peppers

I read that the rainbow peppers were pretty tasteless and people grew them for the decorative value. Which is probably why I grew them too, just novelty and curiosity value. I put three TINY peppers – two red ( they were size of tiny peas), and one purple pepper ( about half an inch long)…

First few little Bolivian Rainbow Peppers

Here are my first little peppers for the season. They’re tiny and purple right now. Wonder what colour comes next? The leaves have sulfur spray on them so there is some white residue on the leaves.

Bolivian Rainbow Peppers

These are pretty cool… As the tiny peppers grow, they change colour. I bought these seeds from eBay and managed to get 100% germination rate. Since I only bought 5 seeds. That is an amazing result. Sometimes I get a little cocky living in San Diego. Because of the awesome weather and mild winters, I…