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Today’s harvest. August Ratatouille or eggplant cacciatore?

20 Aug



August Update – Other things growing in the edible garden….

6 Aug










Harvest Monday

7 May

Pulled up almost all my carrots. They’re getting stringy roots off the main carrot so probably means its done growing. something quite satisfying a out pulling up carrots, you never know how big it will be and what shape!

The yellows and oranges are easy to grow. The reds are tougher. Although all my seeds are a couple of years old.


So colourful!

And I had to harvest all my mustard greens as they were beginning to flower. So many leaves! I washed and chopped them up and stirfried them with olive oil, garlic and salt. Simple. Added a bit oyster sauce for extra flavour.



Another handful of tropic prince bland peaches and my first homegrown artichokes! Will write a separate entry for those 🙂

Here’s the bigger and tastier tropic beauty peaches.


Tropic Beauty peaches.




Tasty Tropic Beauty peaches

7 May


These taste SO good. They’re bigger and tastier than the Tropic Prince peaches this year. Last year was the reverse. Yum!

Peaches galore! 2012 much more plentiful than 2011

26 Apr

I’m quite impressed and proud of these little trees – if you have been following at all, I bought these little $10 trees from Home depot in these tiny little 1/3 Gallon containers around winter 2010-2011 and last season I had half a dozen or so peaches from each tree. This year is doing much better and my trees are still alive! check out all my fuzzies! Hopefully they will get close to regular store bought peach size, I hope I removed enough baby fruit to allow these ones to flourish.

The Tropic Beauty is slightly ahead of the Tropic Prince peach maybe by a couple of weeks. The fruit are bigger. I believe I prefer the taste of the tropic prince though. Either way, one can’t help but get excited over these cute little babies.

I do have the same problem as last year though with the brown speckling on the leaves that will eventually make all my leaves drop. I believe it’s some kind of mold or fungus spore spread disease that Is hard to control once it has started and spraying when dormant is the best bet. I bought some horticultural spray oil which is supposed to help with disease but I bought the natural all season one instead of the dormant one. Next year I will try the dormant spray oil.
My trees survived last years disease so hopefully this year will be fine too. The trunks of these trees are much sturdier but still need extra support when carrying the weight of the peaches.






Bolivian Rainbow peppers chili oil

8 Jan

Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Nov 2011

These little firey peppers stayed on the the plant until they all turned red and started getting wrinkly before I realized I should do something with them.

As i had a big handful of homegrown peppers and no immediate use for them, I decided to make chili oil as they were too spice to add to food and this way I can enjoy their heat when every I want without worry about them going bad.

All I did was heat up some grapeseed oil in a pan, removed the stalks from the peppers, put the peppers in the hot oil for about/less than a minute. Waited for it to cool down, poured oil and peppers back into the bottle, and let it sit with the lid loosely replaced.

I did this a month ago and I think the oil is supposed to turn reddish but mine just has a small tint of red. It’s super hot already so I usually add it to homemade pizza or stir frys.

I probably used one cup of slightly dry whole peppers with two cups of oil. Maybe I will add more oil as more heat is released from the peppers. Wherever I got the recipe for the chili oil, I vaguely remember it saying to leave it to infuse for three months.


Grapeseed Oil from Trader Joes - I used this as it is good for high heat so I can cook with it. Olive Oil tends to smoke and burn.


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Chili Oil


Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Chili Oil - Close up of chillis