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I growed these! Tango mandarins and Meyer Lemon. February 2015 already?!

12 Feb

Yay, first decent fruit from my trees. I have to say I have been watering and caring for this tango mandarin for many years and only now I can say it is producing edible fruit and quite a few for a small tree.

The Meyer lemon tree I have only had for a year. So impressed I get one big fat juicy lemon.

Hope I have many more happy citrus years to come.







2014 Tango Mandarins. First real season

11 Mar




I might’ve had a couple of fruit before but this year has been my most successful. Haven’t done anything different but it just looks happier. I got at least half a dozen real mandarins. Pretty tasty!

Tango mandarin update

6 Nov

So I found an exploded mandarin today. Must be inconsistent watering. It smelled so good, the segments were juicy but very tart. Still, I can see potential!


Here’s the rest of the tree. Still looking good and healthy. 20121106-105038.jpg





Can’t wait for these to ripen. Seems to be a good year for citrus, recently picked some of my first ever homegrown lemons and hopefully these mandarins will be ready soon.

Nature gave me a very tasty giant strawberry but also took away my only Tango mandarin

28 Apr

Growing these in a long wooden box. Pleasantly surprised to find this giant hiding.



But unfortunately, the recent April showers must’ve knocked off my last Tango mandarin. These have been growing forever. I feel like it has taken at least six months to get the this size. Bummer I found him on the floor.
The other tiny mandarins also dropped off the tree recently.


First ever variegated pink lemonade lemons and Tango mandarins

13 Mar

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Blueberries – MISTY, Sunshine Blue and Southmoon PHOTOS

8 Jan

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Tango Mandarins. Growing very slowly but coming along. Photos only

5 Jan

Tango mandarin

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