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Dec 2017. Volunteers from compost and asparagus one month growth

21 Dec

So tall! Over a foot tall! Unfortunately I do not know how old these crowns are. I am going to assume one year crowns. Impulse buy 🙂

I think I have some kind of squash! First time used some compost. I have a closed bin which possibly has zucchini seeds from the old zucchini I grew earlier this year or spaghetti squash seeds. I hardly buy any squash. So excited to see what we are getting!

Also I see a couple of tomatoes. We had a random volunteer that grew and grew and grew. It was a pear yellow cherry tomato and was very productive so these are likely from that.


New home

1 Dec

So I guess I haven’t posted in a year but lots of changes this year. We bought a home so now I have a small yard!

Planting as much stuff as possible in the ground and this week, I just planted some asparagus crowns into the ground.

I first started this blog when I planted asparagus in containers so it seems fitting to start the new chapter with asparagus too!

This time they’re in the ground!

I just bought these bareroot crowns from Walter Anderson in San Diego and decided to do put them somewhere I initially wanted ornament plants.

So still a little unconventional, these asparagus are partially going to ornamental for landscaping to hide an ugly fence. The spot is narrow and mostly shaded in the winter but I am hoping I will get some sun as the seasons change.

Supposedly, it can take some shade so let’s see how it goes!

May new plants. Figs and Goji berries

25 May

New from a seller in ebay…super cheap little plants.

Mission fig


Violet de bordeux fig


And Goji Berries. The leaves actually fell off after I received the plant in the mail but look at these tiny little new leaves all along the branch! I think this guy will thrive here in San Diego


Miracle fruit plant update – lots of new growth

6 Aug

No fruit or flowers yet but lots of leaves. The new growth are purplish in colour.




Miracle Fruit. Mini plant

5 May


Not sure if I have ever written about this plant. I bought it last year as a “ready to fruit” bonsai miracle fruit plant. Perhaps it was roots or grafted, I’m not sure. I bought it on eBay so who knows 😉

Anyway, it has literally done NOTHING in the six months I’ve had it. I followed the instructions and left it in its pot until some visible growth was seen. I saw none. In fact, it lost a few leaves.

So I decided to finally repot it as one tiny root was poking out of the bottom and as the instructions stated, when this happens I can repot. I left it a bit longer as it looked the same for at least two months. Not getting longer or noticeably growing.

So within a week of repotting, I definitely see new leaves growing!

Finally some noticeable action!



Yep, that’s it. Tiny reddish new leaves in the center of the leaf axial. Perhaps it’s just the time of year for new growth or maybe it was fresh soil and a new pot. What ever it is, I’m very happy!

These are acid loving plants so I added some organic soil acidifier. I believe it is just some sort of a slow release copper mixture.

Tropic Prince Peach blossoming – lots of pics

26 Jan

The bees love my little peach trees! There’s always one or two bees buzzing around every time I go out to check on my garden.


The Tropic Beauty Peach flowered a few weeks before this Tropic Prince. This one is the tropic prince tree.

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Flowers on the Tropic Beauty are almost done and the leaves are coming in and looking healthy.


A Happy Bee came to visit my Peach Blossoms!

21 Jan

Jan 20th 2012. Tropic Beauty peach blossoms. Visiting bee.


Jan 20th 2012. Tropic Beauty peach blossoms.

How cool! I managed to see a little bee doing its magic and pollinating my Tropic Beauty peach flowers. So many flowers have opened now, they’re so pretty. Nice to think they are naturally pollinated by this little guy, as usually I literally give nature a hand and hand pollinate with a little stick.

Here is a birds eye view shot of my little tree. Looks amazing with all the gorgeous pink flowers.


Jan 20th 2012. Tropic Beauty peach blossoms. Fruit tree in container