Banana flower

I just noticed this giant flower a few days ago and here are the daily changes! you can see the tiny bananas! I bought this tiny banana plant on amazon many years ago and it really flourished once we put it in the ground. This has been in the ground for a year an half…

Volunteer compost squash.

As I suspected these are very very likely spaghetti squash volunteers. Here’s the plumpest squash baby so far! I hope to get a dozen to last me through the season!

Three sisters May 2018

I found some old corn seeds so I had enough for a very small patch and after they started growing strong I decided to expand the corn patch. Hopefully it will mean I will get 2 good staggered harvest of corn. The peas I also found laying around! Hey why not! And before I knew…

Flowering air plants

So pretty.  I don’t spend a lot of time caring for these, just dip them in water once every three weeks or so. 

Blushing ripening Pitaya dragonfruit!!! 

Check it out, finally turned from green to pink and hopefully to that bright shocking pink!        I only had two flowers, it was the first time my pitaya has flowered and so lucky to have two fruits. You can see the green little dragon fruit by the wall in the first picture. 

Air plants flowering!

So I bought these on eBay. Something like 10 or 15 dollars for a clump. I separated them and gave some away.

Flowering Pineapple Guava

Flower buds are swelling and you can see a bit of colour! So exciting! Photo from a April 30th Photo from May 3rd Photo from today, May 5th. Just updated!

Two lucky Globe Artichokes.

On my walk to class, I always check out the local gardens in the Clairemont neighborhood as the weather is slightly different there than coastal SD even though it’s only 5 miles from the coast. There are more canyons and cliffs here and there and on a hilly area between two detached houses, I saw…

Tropic Beauty Peach pretty flowers

I always love the look of peach blossoms on a bare tree. Esp. My little container trees. Can’t wait for these to become tasty fruit 🙂