Volunteer compost squash.

As I suspected these are very very likely spaghetti squash volunteers. Here’s the plumpest squash baby so far! I hope to get a dozen to last me through the season!

Veggies in every space possible! Celery and kale May 2018

So I have an original planter which is now shaded by a giant banana tree which hasn’t been doing too much. I am trying some green veggies that maybe could survive without full sun and could be harvested as needed. Let’s see how these goes. I have a Japanese pepper in there left over from…

Three sisters May 2018

I found some old corn seeds so I had enough for a very small patch and after they started growing strong I decided to expand the corn patch. Hopefully it will mean I will get 2 good staggered harvest of corn. The peas I also found laying around! Hey why not! And before I knew…

Broccolini nom nom

This is the third harvest of broccolini from this season. I have previously grown broccolini in a container before but this is much more successful in a bed. The sprouts are so tender and fresh, I think next year I will grow more so I can grow enough to share with the family too 🙂…

Pineapple guava shedding leaves but still a couple of fruit left

I have probably had a dozen little strawberry sized pineapple guavas this year which I am most impressed with as I wasn’t expecting anything. The pulpy center has a very fragrant purfumey taste which my hubby described as soapy but to me, they taste like mixed, tropical, miscellaneous fruit flavour 🙂