Tasty pitaya! Ripe and so tasty

We decided to pick the pitaya dragon fruit even though it didn’t appear as bright pink as some of the pictures. I did ready it takes about 30 days from flower to ripe. So I think i ended up picking it at 45 days. The tentacles coming off the fruit started having slightly dry looking…

Blushing ripening Pitaya dragonfruit!!! 

Check it out, finally turned from green to pink and hopefully to that bright shocking pink!        I only had two flowers, it was the first time my pitaya has flowered and so lucky to have two fruits. You can see the green little dragon fruit by the wall in the first picture. 

Pitaya Dragonfruit timeline. Flower to fruit :) 

My dragon fruit cactus flowered a couple of weeks ago and now I have what looks like a fruit….    September 19th   September 22th    September 23rd.    Before opening September 25th.      The same night it opened. We attempted to play night time bumblebee and poked around at th pollen/stamen parts with a…

July update. Olives, goji berries and ugly fairy tale eggplant

My little goji berry twig from eBay had started flowering. Can’t wait for some little berries. It’s quite twiggy looking so I transferred it to a bigger hanging pot. Looks better already. Probably shouldn’t repot whilst it’s flowering but it looks kinda hardy. Let’s hope I’m right! Here’s my little olive tree. Lots of leaves….

Dragon fruit cactus thriving

This started off as two chunks of cactus given to me and now look at it! I had to replant in a heavy pot as it was getting so long, it fell and broke. Hopefully it will be happier in this nice pot given to me from a neighbour 🙂