Pineapple guava shedding leaves but still a couple of fruit left

I have probably had a dozen little strawberry sized pineapple guavas this year which I am most impressed with as I wasn’t expecting anything. The pulpy center has a very fragrant purfumey taste which my hubby described as soapy but to me, they taste like mixed, tropical, miscellaneous fruit flavour 🙂

Fresh homegrown peaches everyday.

I love picking a few ripe peaches everyday before work/school. Uploading pix as a record of how much I get. I guess I can count them… Or post pics of every harvest 🙂

NEW container fruit trees for 2012. Pineapple Guava PHOTOS

I bought two of these plants recently from different stores. they look a little different  but both were pretty cheap for fruit trees.I read that you need two to pollinate each other. They make pretty little patio trees. Hope they will bear fruit this year although I have never even seen or eaten a pineapple…

Pink lemonade little lemons

I have had this little pink lemonade tree for a year and I haven’t had any luck with any fruit yet. It produces some very fragrant white flowers that attract many bees but all the little lemons seem to drop after a few weeks. These little guys are the biggest ones I have ever had….

Tango Mandarin. Baby fruit

My Tango Mandarin tree is looking much healthier these days. Over the winter, it pretty much lost all its leaves and the new leaves were tiny and pathetic looking. Now there are tiny fruit – which might still drop since I don’t know if the flowers were pollinated or not. But I did see many…

Flowers on Tango Mandarin

      My Tango mandarin looks pretty good from the top. But pretty sad from the side. At least it is flowering and growing new leaves. It lost a lot, if not all, the big dark green leaves it came with. All the new growth is paler and a couple of days ago, I…