Moth control.

We currently have kitchen moths. Bought some moth traps which seems to do the job. Here’s how Chavez helps out with the moth issue.  

Today’s harvest. Broccoli di cicco and one turnip

  The turnip was growing in the flowerbed within the landscaping at my apartment complex and the broccoli di cicco was harvested from two plants in containers…i used paint buckets šŸ™‚ Not bad. Enough for a meal for one. How do I cook one turnip though?

Pumpkin picking Suzieā€™sĀ Farm

Today we went down to Imperial Beach by the San Diego – Mexico border to pick a pumpkin! It was so much fun! They had so many pumpkins left and also all sorts of different shapes and sizes. I fell in love with these funny looking pumpkins with warts! So ugly they’re cute! Not sure…

Greetings from my little corner of theĀ world!

Welcome to my little garden space! I rent a small apartment by the beach in San Diego and have been slowly encroaching on the flowerbeds around the complex with my vegetables. The birds of paradise and palm trees do not seem to mind sharing a bit of space with celery, tomato, Brussels sprouts and other…