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Moth control.

16 Nov

We currently have kitchen moths. Bought some moth traps which seems to do the job.
Here’s how Chavez helps out with the moth issue.



Lucky Chavez

8 Apr

Bad news for me, good news for Chavez! A fallen unripe Tropic Beauty Peach


Nom nom! Chavez likes the crunchy peach



Today’s harvest. Broccoli di cicco and one turnip

30 Mar

Turnip and Broccoli di cicco. March 2011. Chavez woud like some too...


The turnip was growing in the flowerbed within the landscaping at my apartment complex and the broccoli di cicco was harvested from two plants in containers…i used paint buckets 🙂
Not bad. Enough for a meal for one. How do I cook one turnip though?

Pumpkin picking Suzie’s Farm

24 Oct

Pumpkin field. Suzies Farm

Today we went down to Imperial Beach by the San Diego – Mexico border to pick a pumpkin!
It was so much fun! They had so many pumpkins left and also all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

I fell in love with these funny looking pumpkins with warts! So ugly they’re cute!

Not sure what I am going to do with them yet. Carve or eat?! Chavez has obviously decided they’re good enough to eat 🙂


Yum yum. Chavez likes to eat pumpkin vine!

Warty Pumpkins

"How about this one?"

Greetings from my little corner of the world!

21 Oct

Beets growing in container. Toys I found around the beach

Welcome to my little garden space! I rent a small apartment by the beach in San Diego and have been slowly encroaching on the flowerbeds around the complex with my vegetables. The birds of paradise and palm trees do not seem to mind sharing a bit of space with celery, tomato, Brussels sprouts and other edibles.

There isn’t any real plan for my garden or what I grow; I just buy and plant whatever I like and wherever I can fit it in! So its all a big experiment.

There are some ‘staple’ crops – such as tomatoes and corn but i like to try different varietals every season. This year has been a little too experimental perhaps – I haven’t harvested many tomatoes at all – now I understand why heirloom tomatoes are so expensive to buy!

I tried many new vegetables in 2010 which I have never planted before. My fave incl. Brussels sprouts and popcorn. These were easy to grow from seed and the harvest was reasonably substantial – enough for a meal! That’s always a bonus! You really have no idea of the vast amount of labour and resources it takes to grow food until you attempt to grow some yourself.  And when you are able to harvest your own food, you truly appreciate the work it has gone into it – from watering to nurturing and even the plants own efforts to producing a juicy fruit, or a crispy fresh green leaf or even a tasty starchy tuber (mmmm french fries!). Its amazing to watch your food grow and see where it comes from. I highly recommend it!

First time growing these! Picked off head to help sprouts mature sooner