Big bunch of Blueberries! 

Here’s a good bowl of blueberries harvested 5/9/16 I also have a couple of peaches. My peach trees were damaged in the storm earlier this year so not many fruits this year. 

2014 Feb update. (A bit late) peaches and Blueberries

Tropic Prince a couple of weeks ago. Tropic Beauty just blossoming. South moon blueberries flowering New pink lemonade blueberries. First season growing this. Quite excited to try the berries when they happen. Trusty Misty blueberries. Earliest to fruit. Actually, I think Misty never went 100% dormant. I got a couple of berries a week all…

Sunshine Blue Blueberry flowering

Little cute pink flowers. There doesn’t seem to be any other branches flowering or these maybe the first. This blueberry plant is in a pretty small pot and it seems pretty content apart from the occasional caterpillar munching on the leaves.