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Pitaya Dragonfruit timeline. Flower to fruit :) 

9 Oct

My dragon fruit cactus flowered a couple of weeks ago and now I have what looks like a fruit…. 

September 19th  

September 22th

September 23rd. 

Before opening September 25th. 

The same night it opened. We attempted to play night time bumblebee and poked around at th pollen/stamen parts with a stick. 

Morning after still looks beautiful September 26th. 


October 8th. Flower is all dried and shrivelled. 

I am hoping it will turn into this  

I only got one flower but here’s another one 🙂 fingers crossed 🙂

 New flower October 8th. 


End of April 2014 update.

1 May

Surprisingly, my neglected garden isn’t as bountiful as it was when I tended to it more. Peaches are small, blueberries are fewer…

Still, the few I get taste good.




My pineapple guava is flowering once again, I think last year it didn’t do so much.


And excitingly, my olive tree is flowering. The flowers are tiny! I just bought this little tree about a month or two ago.




Finally, my fennel is starting to look like fennel. Boy these take a long time to grow but are very pretty plants.



Flowering Pineapple Guava

4 May

Flower buds are swelling and you can see a bit of colour! So exciting!

Photo from a April 30th


Photo from May 3rd


Photo from today, May 5th. Just updated!


Microcitrus australasica flowers opened. Aka Fingerlime

14 Sep

Sad Looking finger lime tree


Finger lime flower!

Finally the little flower buds opened today. The flowers are tiny and white on the inside, pinkish on the outside.
Mine has five petals…. I was researching to see what I need to do to get these little flowers to produce fruit and it appears I need to add Epsom salt and water lots.

I also found out that some finger limes have three petals only…. And since mine has five petals, that it’s actually a Microcitrus australasica sanguinea – the red-fleshed fingerlime! Even more exciting as I did not know this when I bought the plant.

Here is the page with the fingerlime flower info http://www.saalfelds.freeserve.co.uk/microcitrusaustralasica.htm





Home Depot Tree update. Flowering Tropic Beauty Peach

21 Jan

My $10 Tropic beauty peach tree started budding earlier in January and by the14th of Jan, they were bursting to open. I was out of town for a week and when I returned, a bunch of very pretty little flowers adorned my branches.  Check it out!

I’m a skeptical whether these skinny branches will hold fruit but we will see. It seems to be doing quite well growing in a container since I have only had it for under six months. When I bought it from Home Depot, it was in a skinny narrow 1 gallon pot. I read that you can remove all the old leaves to trigger more blooming – I will do that when these little blossoms drop. There are only a dozen or so leaves left on the end of the branches.

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