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First ever variegated pink lemonade lemons and Tango mandarins

13 Mar

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Blueberries – MISTY, Sunshine Blue and Southmoon PHOTOS

8 Jan

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Disection of fallen Pink Lemonade Lemon! SLIDESHOW

8 Jan

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Tango Mandarins. Growing very slowly but coming along. Photos only

5 Jan

Tango mandarin

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Pink lemonade little lemons

11 Dec

I have had this little pink lemonade tree for a year and I haven’t had any luck with any fruit yet. It produces some very fragrant white flowers that attract many bees but all the little lemons seem to drop after a few weeks. These little guys are the biggest ones I have ever had. Hopefully they will ripen to full size. They grow very slowly and since I have never grown any citrus before, I am not sure if this is normal. 20111211-093043.jpg



Other Container plants update :) Fruits and Veggies

20 Apr

Busy life means I only have time to post all my pictures. Enjoy!

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Fingerlime – New Growth!

24 Mar

Finally my sad little fingerlime tree is doing something besides losing leaves.

It started dropping a few leaves a couple of months ago so I repotted it to a terracotta pot as I was probably getting too wet in a plastic one. It still dropped more leaves but check these little babies out. I’m so excited! I think I saw evidence of more new growth elsewhere on the plant but these babies are the biggest ones so far. They all happen to be growing right by the grafted point. I’d rather my plant get bushier rather than taller so that is good news.

March 2011 Australian Finger lime. Not looking too good after dropping leaves. i hope that is normal.

Finger lime. March 2011.But look closely - New growth! This is right by the grafted point.