2013 peaches.


Slap wrist, I’ve been neglecting all my green babies recently and these peaches are so small as I didn’t thin then out properly. And I hadn’t watered in a week so a few wrinkled and fell off! What a shame – shame on me!




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  1. Pramod says:

    Hey how do u grow peaches in pots is it genetically modified or is plant is potted In small container that’s y it’s not growing big and it’s small

    1. Winci says:

      They’re regular trees in small pots. I didn’t do anything special. They were small trees when I bought them. I am not sure the genetic information on the two types of peaches I have.

      1. Pramod says:

        Hey is it possible to give me the peach seed

      2. Winci says:

        Hi, I bought my tree as a grafted tree. That means its a branch from a flowering mature tree grafted on a stock base. I don’t think you can grow it from the seed. I can definitely send you a seed when it fruits next year but I don’t think it is possible to grow a fruiting tree from the seed. Or if you can it might be 10 years before the tree is mature enough to flower.

      3. Pramod says:

        In return i will give u Indian basil seeds which is quite aromatic 😄just like an barter

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