Pineapple guava shedding leaves but still a couple of fruit left

I have probably had a dozen little strawberry sized pineapple guavas this year which I am most impressed with as I wasn’t expecting anything. The pulpy center has a very fragrant purfumey taste which my hubby described as soapy but to me, they taste like mixed, tropical, miscellaneous fruit flavour 🙂




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  1. Kathy Foster says:

    I simply LOVE pineapple guavas! My grandmother had several very mature trees when I was a child. I climbed in one tree and would sit in it for hours picking and eating guavas. As an adult I planted two in the yard in my home in California. We got a lot of fruit from one of the trees. Now that we live in Washington, I’m told there is no way I can grow them here. I grew a productive miniature lemon tree here (until I left it outside one night in the frost and it died!) and so I can’t think of why I couldn’t have a potted guava tree here???? I could move it in and out as the weather dictated. Where can I purchase a pineapple guava tree…………..order and have it mailed to me possibly? Any special tips for growing guavas in a pot? I’m not sure how to send this message or get a response (not very computer literate I’m afraid). My email address is …………please if you can help me, send a message. I don’t know how to do facebook or twitter. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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