Homegrown asparagus big enough to eat!

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My container asparagus is doing really well. If I remember correctly, they are only two year old crowns although when I bought them, they came in a six pack of tiny ferns. I assume they were grown from seed…

I haven’t done anything special to them at all, add about an inch of fresh soil and some organic fertilizer once in a while.

There are a real mix of different sized spears. This one by far is the biggest one!







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  1. Jane Merritt says:

    Thanks for the pics and comments about growing Asparagus in pots! I’m inspired to start and promise to be patient. I might try to plant a few by our raspberries as well, since you noted that yours did well with the blackberries. Happy gardening!

    1. Winci says:

      Thanks for looking! My blackberries are in a big plastic pot, maybe the asparagus is doing well as it had more space in there than his five sibling crowns which are all jammed in one pot! Good luck with your adoaragus!

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