2 year old Container Asparagus

These asparagus are almost big enough to eat! Getting a few popping up but going to let it fern out for one more year, then next year I will start harvesting! There are about five crowns in this pot. It started with six but one wasn’t doing too well last year so I pulled it out, instead of throwing it away, I planted it in with my blackberries. It seems ok in there… Gets a few stalks a season which I let fern out too.



Here is the original pot with five 2 year old crowns.



If you look closely, there is a purplish asparagus head poking out slight left and up of the center of the pic 🙂

I put some fresh potting mix on top. Maybe about and inch. I have no idea what is happening below the dirt, I haven’t repotted in over a year. I don’t think pots come any bigger than this! I wish I had few crowns in there as I am afraid they are strangling each other down there. I have kind of left the pot in the back of everything else so it can just hang out and see what happens. I have done very little maintenance besides removing the ferns when they turn brown.



These pics were from the end of the season 2011. I cut ferns off as they turn brown/yellow. It also had a bad infestation of blackish aphids late summer 2011. When the fern gets long and dangles over the side, a lot of stuff happens underneath that I don’t see and when I finally see it, it’s so severe that I end up cutting the infested stalks off and spraying like crazy with neem and oil spray. I also sometimes find snails inside the thick fern forest. This year I will try to be more diligent with those. Aphids get really bad at certain points of the year esp. if I don’t keep up the spraying. I am still learning and spotting seasonal patterns – all this will hopefully make me a more successful gardener!


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  1. larry says:

    i suggest you transfer them into a 20″x20″ container and use a cage so the leaves won’t pile-up on top of the rest and bend over. that will cause sunlight deprivation, leaf yellowing and fungus infections. limit the ferns to 8 good ones so as not to over crowd the small space that you have and also to conserve its energy and encourage spear production

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