Bolivian Rainbow peppers chili oil

Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Nov 2011

These little firey peppers stayed on the the plant until they all turned red and started getting wrinkly before I realized I should do something with them.

As i had a big handful of homegrown peppers and no immediate use for them, I decided to make chili oil as they were too spice to add to food and this way I can enjoy their heat when every I want without worry about them going bad.

All I did was heat up some grapeseed oil in a pan, removed the stalks from the peppers, put the peppers in the hot oil for about/less than a minute. Waited for it to cool down, poured oil and peppers back into the bottle, and let it sit with the lid loosely replaced.

I did this a month ago and I think the oil is supposed to turn reddish but mine just has a small tint of red. It’s super hot already so I usually add it to homemade pizza or stir frys.

I probably used one cup of slightly dry whole peppers with two cups of oil. Maybe I will add more oil as more heat is released from the peppers. Wherever I got the recipe for the chili oil, I vaguely remember it saying to leave it to infuse for three months.

Grapeseed Oil from Trader Joes - I used this as it is good for high heat so I can cook with it. Olive Oil tends to smoke and burn.
Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Chili Oil
Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Chili Oil - Close up of chillis

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