Blueberries – MISTY, Sunshine Blue and Southmoon PHOTOS

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  1. CHORDIA says:

    I am Chordia from India currently visiting The US.
    I have tasted and enjoyed the local berries… Blueberries,Rasphberries Red,and Blackberries.
    Just loved the taste and enjoyed the flavours too.

    Am looking to get a few SEEDS of Blueberries mainly Dwarfs ans suitable for warmer regions. Did locate a sellers of plants but I cannot carry them back home.
    Would really appreciate if you can send me some seeds of the above.
    I will pay for the postage.
    On receipt of you confirmation I will forward the US address from wher I can collect the seeds and also arrange to remit the postal charges for the same.
    It hope you it would be convenient for you to oblige.
    With best wishes and regards.


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