Tiny Tims Tomatoes vining and unruly

Handful of Tiny Tim tomatoes - various sizes
Tiny Tims getting very long!
Tiny Tim Tomato would do well in hanging basket
Still alive! Barely

These are still producing tomatoes although I did notice they are ripening at a smaller size. They used to be regular cherry tomato size but now some of them are as small as peas!

And they make a great hanging plant but my neighbors might not appreciated them taking over the benches…

One of the pots on by my apartment door was knocked over and he really doesn’t look too healthy but still producing tomatoes.

Definitely worth growing these… Maybe next year I will stagger the planting a bit more as I got a large harvest early in the season. I have three pots of Tiny Tims. Each pot is about 7-8 inches across and has 3-6 plants in it and they all seem to be doing well. I have one stray tiny Tim plant cohabiting with a 5 gallon pot of artichoke and that one isn’t any bigger or heavier producing. So it appears it does about the same where ever it is planted. Go plant some! Now I am curious as to how they’re going to so over a San Diego ‘winter’.


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  1. RA says:

    How do they taste? I’ve started some TTs and looking forward to them producing. Seen mixed opinions on how good they taste. Yours look larger than advertised.

    1. Winci says:

      Hi there! I bought my seeds from eBay so I don’t really know how true they are. The first few tomatoes were average cherry tom sized but now later in the season I am getting tiny ones. I’ll post some pix later. They are inconsistent size wise. But produce quite a lot. And they’re still only in small pots and doing ok.

      Taste – not bad at all! Good for making sauces and throwing in omlettes or salads etc.

      1. RA says:

        They look like TT pictures I’ve seen. I think they can get up to 3 feet. The pots aren’t really small. Maybe you’ve given them some good fertilizer and sun. I’m sure they’d be a lot smaller if grown in a kitchen window as a lot of people seem to do. Anyway, good to know.

        I’m going to grow mine if a similar size container. Maybe I’ll get similar results.

  2. Winci says:

    The Purple pot is from Target, can’t remember if its 7 or 8inches. Anyway, I had 3-4 plants in each, perhaps if you have it on a kitchen window then perhaps just have one plant in each pot may work. I would definitely grow these again but put them in a hanging pot as they get long and heavy with bunches of tomatoes. If you have a look at my earlier photos, they actually make quite an attractive plant in the smaller stages.

    1. RA says:

      How about your stupice tomatoes? I’m growing those, too. I’ve seen people rate them as one of the worst tomatoes and I’ve seen them do well in taste tests. What did you think of those?

      1. RA says:

        3 or 4 plants in each explains why they looked so big! I wondered why they were so broad.

      2. Winci says:

        Hi! They’re not that bad to warrant the worse tomato label!

        That reminds me to start some new ones now šŸ™‚

        I remember it being very productive and pretty much tasting like tomatoes from the store. Great for making sauce. So compared to other tomatoes I am growing, really nothing special but definitely worth growing for the winter.

        I have some brandywine tomatoes and another large heirloom variety which taste phenomenal. Every tomatoes was ugly as hell, but taste fantastic. But they are not very productive, I have a few plants, maybe 4 and they give me one big yummy tomato every 2-3 weeks! The stupice taste definitely does not compare to those heirlooms but quality equal or better than store bought and production exceeds the large heirlooms.

  3. RA says:

    That’s about what I’ve read although they can supposedly produce some very tasty tomatoes under the right conditions. Apparently the taste can vary pretty widely but it is usually just average. Looking forward to being able to judge for myself.

    I think the people that rated them so poorly are real tomato connoisseurs so they are harsh judges.

  4. RA says:

    Well, I finally got a taste of a Tiny Tim yesterday and it was pretty darn good — almost sweet. The Tiny Tims are made of tough stuff. They do not surrender to heat, cold, shade or anything else. They are tough little guys.

    My stupice tomatoes were all vine last fall so I haven’t gotten a taste of them. They didn’t make the cut this spring. I’ll try again in the fall.

    Wish my Tiny Tims would grow as big as yours. All of mine have been the size of a marble.

    1. Winci says:

      I wonder why your ones are smaller? Do the leaves look just like mine? Perhaps my ones aren’t true tiny tims? I’m having many doubts about my eBay purchases nowadays after finding a few big sellers sending out crap seeds. Mine definitely seem to do well in small pots and is a compact plant. I fertilize with either liquid fertilizer or organic blood/bone meal. Perhaps try some fertilizer?

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