Incredibly HOT rainbow peppers

I read that the rainbow peppers were pretty tasteless and people grew them for the decorative value. Which is probably why I grew them too, just novelty and curiosity value.

I put three TINY peppers – two red ( they were size of tiny peas), and one purple pepper ( about half an inch long) into a pasta dish recently. I didn’t even bother cutting them up and threw them in whole. BAD IDEA!

I was on fire just from eating the little guys which so so tiny I didn’t even see them in my meal. Luckily I found the purple on and just stabbed him with my fork to put him aside… Even the juices on my fork made EVERYTHING I ate really spicy. These little suckers have serious heat. I love spicy hot food but these are so unbelievable hot. I could probably just use one half and inch pepper to spice up my entire dish.

So if anyone wants seeds, let me know! I can send anyone a whole pepper who is interested or curious! They grow REALLY easily – I bought six seeds on eBay and they all germinated over winter here in San Diego and kept growing over summer.

Bolivian Rainbow Peppers
Bolivian Rainbow Peppers. Mostly purple so far
Bolivian Rainbow Peppers. They're SUPER hot! Watch out!

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