Avocado from pit keeps on growing

I grew this guy from a pit last year and have been pinching the tips to try to make it a small plant but currently it is two feet high and is growing really vigorously! The new growth is a browny greenish colour and then turns to the deeper green when leaves reach full size. The leaves are really big – about 20 cms… 8inches. The initial trunk branched into three separate branches and now I am pinching those so they will branch too. I will probably repot over winter. Hope he doesn’t mind being cramped for a few more months.

Pinched Avocado with three branches.
Avocado grown from Pit
Pinched Avocado with three branches and new growth - the redish brown cloloured leaves

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  1. ixus2013 says:

    Nice avocado plants you have there. Do they like direct sunlight? Check out my avocado plants at http://sgmylifeisgood.blogspot.sg .

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