Sad day. Someone stole two of my plants :(

I woke up Sunday morning to find two of my plants missing. One was a grapefruit plant I grew from seed a couple of years ago and the other is a baby mystery palm tree I found growing a year ago growing in the dirt.

I’m sad I lost two plants which are a little special to me and probably no one else.

I think would rather have lost some of the annuals than my little tiny perennials as I have seeds for most of my veggies and those are replaceable.

They weren’t even in nice pots of anything… So fucked up.

I hope they don’t come back for more.

The weird thing is, I have many pots downstairs with all sorts of plants and the cheeky fucker actually stole the two RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR! I also have a string of little fairy lights that I wrapped around my plants outside my door as a little preventive for anyone to just pick them up and go… Obviously that didn’t work as they carefully unwrapped the wires without my usually sensitive dog knowing!

Total BS! grrrr I hate thieves !


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