Bucket of Sweet Potato

So what happens when you leave a sweet potato in the kitchen too long? It turns into this!

Sweet Potato growing in bucket!


I cut the eyes off and planted them in this bucket a month or so ago. It appears they are really enjoying the environment and thriving. Unlike regular potatoes, I am surprised to discover they actually grow vines. So we will see where this crawling potato ends up.

I have previously tried to plant sweet potato before but the leaves always succumb to some kind of fungus or mildew. Living by the beach has it’s perks but sometimes we get a lot of dew and moisture. This year I am trying to be more diligent about spraying fungicide. I used sulphur power last year, but lost many plants anyway. The sulphur powder might work a little but it sure looks ugly on my plants. I’m sure the neighbors wonder what it could be. So this year I bought some copper concentrate instead so I can spray my plants on the underside of the leaves. The copper fungicide spray is a beautiful bright blue color. Looks beautiful and doesn’t really leave too much colour on the leaves.

Here are the most recent photos.




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