Training Red Flame Grape on Trellis

It may not look like it but I took a long time getting this….

Brand new flame red grape in container. I was going to leave it like this but decided to tame the vines.

To look like this….

Flame Grape on homemade trellis

I repotted to a 7 gallon tall container from it’s original 1 gallon pot. I had bought a new 10″ pot for it originally but when I saw the crazy roots in the 1gallon pot, I realized 10″ container would not be big enough. The roots looked healthy but very crowded. So hopefully the tall new container will be sufficient.

I decided to make the trellis myself which took a surprisingly long time but was most therapeutic tying all the twisty wire ties and deciding where to put each branch.

I tried to apply the same method to my Tropic Prince peach but it just doesn’t look that great 😦

Tropic Prince peach trellis -this is actually the back side of the trellised tree

I still have not attempted to prune yet… Eek! My peach trees are so crazy looking. Must do something at some point! When I bought the tropic prince, it was literally just a stick, just one branch…I am amazed at how much it has grown in the last few months.


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