Container Vegetable Garden. June 2011 Photo update

Tiny Tim Tomatoes in container outside my door. Very cute! The toms are bigger than I though they wouldbe. Haven't had any ripened ones yet. I wonder how they will taste....
Tiny Tim Tomatoes. June 2011
Tiny Tin Tomatoes. In Target plastic pot. I grew all my tiny tims from seed...I think I planted too many!
Round Zucchini. June 2011. Growing in bucket. Grown from seed.
Crookneck Squash. Transplants from Walter Anderson. Only had these for a couple of weeks and they're taking over the bucket already.
Another Tiny Tim Tomatoes in squat terracotta pot. Flowering. June 2011
Globe Artichoke in container. June 2011
Container Globe Artichoke sideview
Container Brandywine Tomato. I grew these last year in the ground too and got the same results - only a couple of tomatoes per plant.
Heirloom Tomatoes. June 2011. boughht these from eBay as a mix bunch of seeds. Happily surprised I have some different shaped toms on the way.
Sunshine Blue Blueberries. Repotted out of boring black pot from garden store. Looks cute! June 2011
One year old avocado grown from pit, in container. June 2011