Southmoon Blueberries


My lovely husband bought me some blueberry plants! Amazingly I do not already own one of these. Now I have two!
They recommended buying two to pollinate each other for better crop so I have this one which is already fruiting, and I also have a Sunshine Blue Blueberry plant which is in a 1 gallon pot.



The Southmoon is producing very tasty, large berries. It’s so good! Makes me wonder why I haven’t been growing these for longer!
The other plant is still young and isn’t flowering yet so probably will not get anything from it this year.
There are still bunches of unripe berries on the Southmoon.



Sorry about the terrible pic quality, I had a handful of blueberries I wanted to go eat!

I did some research on Southmoon and I found out it needs 500 chill hours. There is no way I get that many here in San Diego but I also read people living in San Diego reporting good results. The garden store hubby purchased my new babies from is a small reputable local shop, so I hope they will only sell appropriate varieties for local climates. I’m sure it’s fine but even the care label on the plant says 500 chill hours…


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