Tropic Beauty Peach. Fruit still growing

Tropic Beauty Peach container tree. May 2011. Almost ripe

One  of my Tropic Beauty peaches felt soft enough to eat so I picked it and I am sorry say, it was no way as tasty as the Tropic Prince peaches.

It just wasn’t as flavorful and the texture wasn’t like the tropic Prince where it was super juicy and just melted in my mouth. Maybe it wasn’t ripe enough? Or maybe the truth is, I just like the Tropic Prince much more. I was not expecting a different flavour to be honest!

It looks like I have four peaches left on the tree. They feel rock hard so I’ll just wait and hope they taste better.
On the positive – Good to report they are getting big! AND This tree is way healthier than the the Tropic Prince and looks great.

Tropic Beauty Peach. Big fruit!
Tropic Beauty Peach tree. Different angle. You can see all four peaches left on the tree
Tropic Prince Peach. So tasty! No peaches left though!

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