Peaches coming along but what’s going on with the leaves?

My peaches are slowly getting bigger. The Tropic Beauty are noticeably bigger than the Tropic Prince Peaches. I think I should have thinned a little more on the tropic Prince tree but I can’t bare to do it now!

What’s up with the brown spots on my leaves? Makes me sad! Everyday it is dropping a few more leaves. Fruit looks unharmed but can’t be good for the plant to lose leaves!

tropic Prince peach in Container. Baterial Spot

This is the Tropic Prince Peach. Its a funny looking tree as it’s basically one grafted branch!


Oh my look at those sad leaves. 😦

Fruit looks good though!

Tropic Beauty Peach tree in container

This one is the Tropic Beauty Peach. Don’t know if you can tell these fruit are a little bigger. Less brown spots on my this plant. I’m pretty happy by $10 Home Depot trees have made it this far. Let’s hope those fruit ripen and are edible soon. Currently they are hard as rocks! I keep thinking they are ripe as they’re all blushing and beautifully coloured.


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  1. Dave says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and am really enjoying it.

    Your peach tree is so cool! Just wondering how long you’ve had it and what you use for fertilizer.

    I’m more of a houseplant gardener, but I’ve just started several containers of veggies here in VT and am always jealous of the growing season that you California growers get. : P

    1. Winci says:

      Hi Dave, I love houseplants too but my apartment is so small there really isn’t any space or surface to put any!
      Cali is great for growing year round – there is practically no such thing as front here in coastal San Diego!

      I bought my peach tree in Nov last year – against all odds, it flowered and actually set fruit this year which is a bit of a surprise as I couldn’t find anywhere online that this was even possible. Esp. on such a young, small tree AND in a pot!

      I am a total novice gardener esp. with fruit trees – so for fertilizer I bought some Jobe’s fertilizer spikes for fruit trees, broke it up into pieces and put one on the edge of the pot. Besides that, on everything else I try to keep it natural – I water with diluted Fish emulsion (really stinky!) and also I have some Guano. that’s about it! Definitely treating this all not as science, but more of an art 🙂

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