Last Fractal Broccoli harvest

Finally chopped down all my Romanesco broccoli. Those plants were turning into trees – took up so much space with a small return foodwise. But definitely the most interesting thing I have ever grown. If I ever have more space I may try grow it again. Look how awesome it looks. I let a couple plants grow out more and mature -they ended up stalky – looking and tasting more like sprouting broccoli but a lot more fibrous.


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  1. Ron says:

    I accidentally grew some of these. I bought a six pack of what was labeled cauliflower. As ther formed heads they tok on the fractal configuration. I first thought this was Normal for cauliflower. Then… I did some research… Ate one just before the head split and the rest either got attacked by aphids, or are still flowering in the garden.

    1. Winci says:

      Ahhh damn aphids. Did your plants get really big too? I haven’t tried to grow these again since they take up too much space.

    2. Winci says:

      PS I usually spray with diluted dish soap to get rid of aphids 🙂

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