Home Depot tree update. Tropic Beauty Peach

My Tropic Beauty peach tree is still alive and doing well. I bought it for $10 from home Depot back in November 2010. So I’ve had it for three months. Its started dropping leaves which is normal in the winter months as the days get shorted and cooler. Here in San Diego the daytime highs are 60’s (F) and lows around the 40’s. Some leaves were probably loss due to the winter blustery storms we’ve had here in the past couple of weeks. I need to read more about the low chill varieties of peaches as I vaguely remember reading they need to drop all there leaves so they go through a stage of dormancy. Anyway, here are the pics from Nov and now. All the buds are bigger, I hope they all turn into beautiful blossoms then tasty peaches next year.

Nov 2010 - Millions of peaches.... My Tropic Beauty Peach. only $10 bucks from Home Depot!
Jan 2011 Tropic Beauty Peach tree. Lost a few more leaves since I took this photo. Little buds growing along each branch. i hope they all turn into tasty peaches.

TROPIC Beauty Peach Blossoms!

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