Romanesco Broccoli Heads. Harvest time

This didn’t end up looking like a fractal broccoli -Looks like a strange looking homegrown vegetable of some sort. I can report it taste fantastic roasted with a bit of cheese, olive oil and salt. Simple and tasty.

Dec 17th 2010. Romanesco broccoli. This plant was a BEAST. Took up so much space. A couple of weeks before harvesting today.
Romanesco broccoli growing - whole head on plant. dec 17th 2010

Romanesco heads are a little over mature as it’s pretty loose but I’m glad I got a pretty big head of Broccoli as this plant kept getting bigger and bigger. I was getting quite worried it wasn’t going to produce a head as there isn’t that much information out there. A lot of people seem to pull out the plant before allowing it to head. Let me tell you, be patient! I believe all of my plants are heading now. Just when you think they’re not going to produce anything edible, take a little peek and little beautiful heads are hidden in the center of the beastly plant.

Nov 22nd 2010. This is the plant I harvested from today (Jan 2011), it was just starting to head in this picture. This Romanesco broccoli plant is as big as the Birds of Paradise behind it.
Romanesco broccoli starting to head Nov 22nd 2010.
Dec 17th 2010. Romanesco broccoli. There are three plants here, one giant one in the front that is literally as big as my car - but no head yet on the big one, the little ones behind have just starting heading now (Jan 2011)
Romanesco broccoli top view
Romanesco broccoli harvest - whole head side view - Jan 2nd 2011
its this big!
Romanesco broccoli looks like little stalks of broccoli when cut open

The main stalk had a pretty sweet flavour – more like Cauliflower. The thinner stalks were more like broccoli and more fibrous. I can’t seem to work out how long these plants have been growing but definitely for at least 7 months. Probably more like 8-9 months before it started heading. I doubt if it is possible to grow this in a container as it is such a ginormous plant. Perhaps you may get small heads with smaller plants.

The plants are pretty easy to maintain, just need to watch out for caterpillars (like all cabbage family plants). I can’t say I did anything special to encourage heading – it just started to produce heads as soon the weather cooled down here in San Diego.

I would like to grow this again as I luckily got a giant sized head but as it does take up a lot of space, I will probably put it somewhere more inconspicuous. Highly recommend trying to grow this. I got my organic seeds on eBay.


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  1. Guess what! You can eat all those humongous leaves, or prune some out when the plant is younger, just like you would eat kale, just cooked up with a little olive oil and salt. I read this is true of cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. I ate outer leaves from my cabbages before they headed all Winterlong here in Oregon. Just don’t take too many leaves so there’s plenty to nourish the plant.

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