Pinched Avocado plant – new growth?

Does this look like my avocado is growing little new shoots? Because it really doesn’t seem to be doing anything since I pinched it about a month ago. The upper most leaves have grown larger. But no new shoots yet besides these nubbies (between the leaf and main stem). I am hoping with turn into nice branches.
I am starting to think I over pinched the top but at least the plant is still alive! And it is ‘fall’ officially here in San Diego even though we still get pretty sunny days… Perhaps the growth has slowed down. I have noticed this plant grows in spurts and appears to do very little after a spurt of new growth which occurred when I pinched off the top. I figured instead of using up energy for the new leaves I intended to pinch of, I could pinch them off before they got any bigger.

Nov 2010. You can see where I've pinched off on the top of this avocado plant.
Nov 2010. Tiny potential growth coming out between main stem and leaf??? (Blurry pic due to iPhone cam!)

Now looking back through my old pics, I’m not sure there has been that much growth at all. Hopefully when I get back from vacation, they will be definitely noticeably bigger.

avocado pinched.
Oct 24th 2010. Those little nubs are already there...hmmm....

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  1. bill brennan says:

    My avacoddo plant is doing great. I was afraid to pinch it but like you said, it grows in spurts. But not for 3 or 4 weeks. After pinching, The Energy goes ató The roots and to heal The wound …then all in a day or 2 boom, 6 inches of main stalk with 6 leaves on it. I was totally amazed. Thinking about pinching it again. Also I don’t pinch with my fingers , I use sissors, its less trauma on the plant. I’m going to try to send you a pic butidont know if I know how to do it… If it goes through, you’ll see the 3 dark leaves are old and the others are all new. Thanks! Good luck!

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