Container Asparagus Update – flowering?

Oct 2010. This is a bit thicker than those other ones I saw in Sept. And look what he turns into.........
Nov 2010. Healthy Asparagus growing in container. Those same stalks! Starting to flower?

As I have never grown asparagus before, this is fascinating. There seems to be little flower buds coming from this vertical stalk – it has produced little buds before but they never opened and I never saw any flowers.I also haven’t seen any other stalks that have been anywhere near as thick as those in the first pic…

So besides the flower buds – its also standing straight! That’s unusual for me too see too. Lets hope I get some more thicker ones growing soon so I can call my container asparagus a success.

Nov 2010 - These are the thickest aspragus stallks I have spotted in my pot - they're standing erect instead of falling over the the pot.
Nov 2010 - Conter Asparagus Fern. Standing upright, Looks strong 🙂

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