Fruit Trees pt 2 – Pink Lemonade, Tango Mandarins and Tropic Beauty Peaches

After I bought my finger lime ‘tree’ which was more of a twig – I decided to invest in a real dwarf tree. The internet is great for some things, but you really don’t know what you are getting until it arrives in the mail.

So I bought myself a variegated Pink Lemonade dwarf tree in a 5 gallon pot for $30 which is a very attractive tree with the most wonderful smelling flowers.

Its like this....
...Its like that

I went for the pretty plant but didn’t realise this wasn’t a particularly special type of lemon besides its appearance. It is the same variety you buy at the store (Eureka lemons) but only the flesh is pink and the outside of the lemon is variegated green and yellow. A good way to look at it is that this also implies it is an easy varietal to grow since it is also grown commercially. I picked one without any fruit on it, just flowering buds so I will be able to watch all my lemons grow up and they will truly be my own grafted babies!

And then a couple of weeks later in Home Depot of all places – I saw some bargain fruit trees I couldn’t resist.

Actually, I resisted, went home empty handed, and then couldn’t stop thinking about them so went back and bought them 🙂

My Home Depot fruit trees - Tango Mandarin and Tropic Beauty Peach (asparagus in the middle)
Tango Mandarin
Millions of peaches.... My Tropical Beauty Peach. only $10 bucks from Home Depot!

Only $10 each – It would be so amazing if they actually produce fruit. They’re both grafted and I picked out the ‘healthiest’ ones but remember I have very little experience with fruit trees! But these two babies are pretty good looking aren’t they?

Again, I did not do very much research into these varietals – they were the only ones available for that price in Home Depot so there was no choice. They were in tall narrow (1gallon?) pots. Each plant is about 2-3 ft tall. I repotted – roots looked ok (again speaking from very little experience) but they were definitely not root bound.

Tango is a special new mandarin developed in California a decade or two ago and is seedless (awesome!).

The tropic beauty peach – doesn’t seem that special from what I can find online – sounds like it will be good for San Diego weather as it doesn’t need too many hours of ‘chilling’. I found out with Peaches, different chill hours are required for the fruit to ripen and become sweet.

So far, all my fruit trees are healthy and still alive.

Unfortunately, the leaf miners got into some of my younger leaves on Tango Mandarin and some of the leaves curled up. I read that sprays containing Spinosad can treat leafminers. Spinosad just happens to be the same stuff in Comfortis – a monthly flea treatment I give to my dog. Its supposed to be a natural product – but after reading the label, I started to wonder what it really was and why can I only use it 6 times a year on my plants when I can give it to my dog monthly….hopefully this is due to dosage as I do not want to be poisoning my cute dog!

No poison on me Mummy! Only nautral goodness!
Flea free and leafminer free!

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  1. hubbu says:

    that dog looks like he really loves chixen!!

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