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A jar of fruit harvest. Last of the 2014 peaches

30 May 20140530-072042-26442474.jpg

I was wondering when these were going to ripen but they ended up being crunch tasty peaches this year instead of soft ones. Which was actually awesome as they didn’t fall off and rot when neglected for a week or so ;)



Small but tasty. Definitely not tart, even hubby liked them this year. I wonder what makes them soft and juicy some years and other years like this batch….

Some thing to do with weather… I love natures variety but am sad I have to wait a whole year to sample more!

All these we’re from container trees/plants. Seems like a got fewer blueberries this year. Southmoon definitely produces tastier larger berries. Misty is tasty too but some are small but seems to have a longer fruiting season.

Here’s another batch of peaches from earlier in the week.





Another jar of paler peaches from earlier in the year. These are from the tropic prince tree. Did not taste too good. Very tart and softer. Occasional juicy one. These were falling off the tree back in April so it picked them all.

End of April 2014 update.

1 May

Surprisingly, my neglected garden isn’t as bountiful as it was when I tended to it more. Peaches are small, blueberries are fewer…

Still, the few I get taste good.




My pineapple guava is flowering once again, I think last year it didn’t do so much.


And excitingly, my olive tree is flowering. The flowers are tiny! I just bought this little tree about a month or two ago.




Finally, my fennel is starting to look like fennel. Boy these take a long time to grow but are very pretty plants.



2014 Feb update. (A bit late) peaches and Blueberries

11 Mar


Tropic Prince a couple of weeks ago.


Tropic Beauty just blossoming.


South moon blueberries flowering


New pink lemonade blueberries. First season growing this. Quite excited to try the berries when they happen.


Trusty Misty blueberries. Earliest to fruit. Actually, I think Misty never went 100% dormant. I got a couple of berries a week all though winter here in San Diego.

My husband just commented that these photos don’t look very healthy! Well that’s because they’re just flowering out of dormancy back in feb! Berries and more leaves to come soon!

2013 So many blueberries and peaches! Amazing what you can grow out of a pot

20 Jun

These are all separate pickings. Some handfuls of blueberries didn’t make it back for photographing :) so tasty! Still a few more on the plant left.











Blueberry season!

11 May

So these are southmoon and misty blueberry bushes. They’re so amazingly productive and are doing so well in these small pots I am thinking of ditching all the other plants and just growing blueberries! I am so happy with these. Last weekend got a small handful of blueberries, this weekend, I got two handfuls that didn’t even make them back to the house. I love my weekly blueberry harvest.
Here’s some pics of ones to be ripened as I ate all the tasty ripe ones before taking pics.





More tasty homegrown edibles from earlier this month.

20 Jun







Been on vacation and picked some tasty veg and a few tasty bowls of fruit before and after. Fresh blueberries are the best! My peaches are all gone now. Sadly they dropped and rotted while I was away.

This was the only kohl rabi I managed to grow this year. I have to say, quite an unexciting vegetable – kind of taste like broccoli stem. But reminds me of my grandma when she would stir fry it with garlic. Yum! I ended up baking with the turnips, a couple of tiny homegrown artichokes, some onions, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. It was ok but should have stuck to grandmas cooking!


Excited about these plump little Southmoon Blueberries!

13 Mar

I thought my blueberry plants were done – leaves started dropping like crazy, branches were turning red and leaves turning brown with spots. Total disaster.

I tried to temporarily adjust the ph of the soil with diluted vinegar and removed all the old leaves remaining. New leaves are coming in now and the blueberries are plumping up nicely.

Very exciting there are so many berries on the plant!


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container.


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container. Asparagus behind


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container. Berries growing at different rate. My cross pollinator died so I wonder how these will perform...


SOUTHMOON BLUEBERRIES. Growing in container. Berries growing at different rate. More flowers

Potting up container Fruit trees. Hopefully doing it right this time!

21 Feb


Some of my container fruit trees look so sad. Even though I gave them a larger pot and fresh dirt a year ago. I had to investigate what was happening underneath the soil as I leaves kept dropping no matter what I sprayed or how much a fertilized (without over fertilizing).

When I took them out of the pots, i was sad to see some of the poor trees root were still in the shape of their previous pots :( this meant 1)I hadn’t done it properly and/or 2) I didn’t change the pot soon enough.

I need to read up some more about potting up but I remember seeing videos about using a fork to tease out the roots do I did that. I also carefully removed the old dirt from the root ball.

I noticed some dirt was thick like dark clay, and some other parts was dry and crumbly. I don’t think thats a good sign!

Hopefully I didn’t mess too much with the roots to distress the trees too much.

Here are my two trees that had the saddest roots.






Blueberries – MISTY, Sunshine Blue and Southmoon PHOTOS

8 Jan

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Southmoon Blueberries

26 May

My lovely husband bought me some blueberry plants! Amazingly I do not already own one of these. Now I have two!
They recommended buying two to pollinate each other for better crop so I have this one which is already fruiting, and I also have a Sunshine Blue Blueberry plant which is in a 1 gallon pot.



The Southmoon is producing very tasty, large berries. It’s so good! Makes me wonder why I haven’t been growing these for longer!
The other plant is still young and isn’t flowering yet so probably will not get anything from it this year.
There are still bunches of unripe berries on the Southmoon.



Sorry about the terrible pic quality, I had a handful of blueberries I wanted to go eat!

I did some research on Southmoon and I found out it needs 500 chill hours. There is no way I get that many here in San Diego but I also read people living in San Diego reporting good results. The garden store hubby purchased my new babies from is a small reputable local shop, so I hope they will only sell appropriate varieties for local climates. I’m sure it’s fine but even the care label on the plant says 500 chill hours…


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